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An eye update and some completely random stuff

I had a follow up visit with my regular eye doctor today. I had to schedule the appointment ASAP because the pain was nearly gone yesterday, but a different kind of pain welcomed me this morning. So, in case you haven’t been following my facebook or twitter updates…

The dr. said my eye is swollen from all the watering my eye has done, thinking there was something in there. My natural defense system has made a bigger problem then the original one! The good news is, the abrasion has mostly healed and I only have to apply the antibiotic goop once a day.

One of my facebook friends commented that they wondered how an eye can swell without popping. Then I started thinking about just how swollen my eye could get before it popped; which got me thinking about glass eyes and whether I would get to choose the color of the pupil. I would choose green. Then I could have a video recorder implanted in my glass eye and record everything I see. Can you imagine how awesome blogging would be? I could have recorded last nights events when I was trying to take pictures of my freshly pedicured toes while sitting on the dining chair and the chair breaking and me falling to the ground. Then John’s very delayed reaction (Like 3 minutes after the chair broke, he started crying). Then you could all see how funny it was when John said, “Mommy, why did you break your chair?” Then I could have recorded and showed you all how James and Gary attempted to fix the chair. You know, if I was out in the garage watching them do that. But I wasn’t, because I was too busy trying to get a good picture of my freshly pedicured toes.

PS. Tylenol is my friend today.

Oh, and remember those trees I stare at all day?

Look at how they are changing! More yellow!!




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