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It’s Sunday morning. Do you know where your kids are?

Yes. Yes I do. John is eating breakfast and Gary is out back playing on the trampoline! This has been a big year for our Mr. Gary so far.

We’ve given him a bit more freedom outside. He no longer has to ask us if he can go to a friends house as long as he stays outside and on our street. He does still have to ask if he can play with his friends inside their house, but because we are terribly unsociable don’t really know the neighbors very well, that doesn’t happen very often.

He attended his very first ‘drop off and go’ party. Meaning, mom wasn’t invited. What’s up with that? It was at Pump it up, and I so wanted to climb the bouncy’s. And so did John! I was totally unprepared for that. I figured I would hang out and watch the boys play, get John good and exhausted from all the running around, eat some pizza and cake, and watch the birthday girl (yes, I said girl. It was a co-ed birthday party where I think every 3rd grader at school was invited) open presents, then take the kids home pooped and ready for bed. But when I got there, the only parents there were the birthday girl’s. The only kids there were the multitude of 3rd graders and John. The 3rd graders were stomping all over poor John, but he didn’t seem to care. But before I left, I got a small glimpse of how Gary interacts with his friends. I do believe, Gary is a popular kid in school. Great! Now I have to teach him the responsibilities of popularity. I think that one should be left up to his dad, because I have no idea what that is other then, “Don’t be a bully.”

G-man got to spend the night at a his friends house this past Friday night. I was told they had a blast! They made their own pizza for dinner and for breakfast the next morning, Gary ate 6 pancakes. What a little hog!

So, while I contemplate ways to stunt his growth, reverse time, and make him younger – he seems to have other plans. My not so little man anymore will be nine in 11 days. I only know that because Gary told me his birthday is in 12 days yesterday.

In other news, I think it’s officially winter here in the desert.


Oh look, they found their clothes. And those matching hats… yeah, I made them! 🙂

Happy Winter everybody!


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