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Not Me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I am not sitting here, staring at my trees (again) trying to think up the dumb stuff I did just so I can tell you I did not do them. That would just be weird.

I’ve been wearing some sort of corrective eye lenses since I was in 5th grade and most of that time, those lenses have been contacts. So I most certainly know the importance of taking care of ones eyes. I know how to properly clean my contact lenses and when to dispose of old contact lenses. So it most certainly could not have been me who scratched her cornea due to wearing a contact lens way past its prime. I then, did not proceed to whine about it all week long.

I did not roll my eyes (again) when Gary started complaining of a sore throat at the after school care program and said that he spent most of the time on the bean bag acting sick. Since that didn’t happen, I did not have to explain to him (again) that I will only believe he’s sick when he’s running a fever or throwing up. Nope, I’m a good mom and always give my kids the benefit of the doubt.

I did not, and don’t on a regular basis, tell John “I can’t hear you” when he whines.

Remember the mashed potato mountain saga? Yeah, that did not happen again last night and I did not get stabbed in the finger with a fork and I do not have 2 small scabs to prove it.

I did not run to Walmart Saturday morning with my hair all frazzled and dirty just so I could pick up the missing ingredients for Bridget’s brownies and Amanda’s Christmas cake. I always shower before leaving the house and my hair is always in place.

I did not spend my entire morning making both the brownies and the cake. I did not make the brownies so that my family wouldn’t give me a hard time about not sharing the cake with them because it was for the woman’s prayer group I was going to attend Sunday evening. I was not too lazy on Sunday that I did not remove the now layered and crumb coated cake from the freezer until 2pm and pray that it was defrosted by the time it got to the woman’s prayer group. I always share everything I make with my family and am never too lazy to do anything; which means, I also was not too lazy to skip mopping the floors this weekend either.

Speaking of the woman’s prayer group – I was not nervous, at all, about attending this group because I don’t have feelings of inadequacy and fear of people in general. I am totally equipped to pray in public, so I did not clam up and remain silent when it came time for group prayer. I also did not learn that I attend church with a wonderful group of woman who suffer with many similar struggles and feelings of inadequacy that I do.




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