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What I came home to

It’s almost 11pm on Tuesday night.

I had a fairly rough day – mostly at work. Something about a mean boss, who is normally very understanding when I ask to leave early, but decided instead to show me “who’s boss”. Of course I know he’s boss – that’s why he has a fancy pance office and I don’t. But I digress (I think – I actually have no idea what that means, but I see a lot of bloggers use it and it sounded good there. Please let me know if I used it appropriatly as I am too lazy to google it right now!)

Anyway, where was I? Oh right, “The Boss”… I had asked my manager if I could leave early today because I had some very important stuff to get done – grocery shopping. Since James and I were attending a birthday dinner later in the evening, I thought if I could get off early I would be able to get everything done before dinner. I was reminded of an online class that we were all sighned up to take that day. I, along with a few others, had forgotten to register for the class and registration was now closed. That didn’t hinder my manager who emailed the information to me. I asked my manager if there was anyway I could get out of taking the class and was told yes if I could find an alternative class for the info being presented. I contacted the person teaching the class and was informed that the class would be recorded and all the information would be available on their website the next day. Whoo Hoo!! That meant I could leave early. I emailed this info to my manager. She came back and said “The Boss” said I needed to take the class today. WHAT!?! So I emailed “The Boss” and explained to him my situation. He was very unsympathetic towards my plight and said that I should not have been surprised by this class as it had been scheduled for weeks. Um, no it hasn’t, because I never even registered for it. Besides that, this class totally has nothing to do with anything I do. I didn’t actually tell him any of that, it’s just what I was thinking. I did tell him that I was not surprised my the class, but by the reasons that were causing me to need to leave early. He responded with -Well, it shouldn’t. Your scheduled hours are (enter hours here). To which I replied “Shouldn’t or not, like it or not, life does happen outside of work and during scheduled work hours. I see where you stand on the subject however, and you will receive my complience.” By now, I was just livid. I ran upstairs trying, unsuccessfully, not to cry and bought myself some pototo wedges and a snickers bar for lunch. Ahhh, comfort food!

As I was texting with my friend Lori about what a jerk “The Boss” was, I started to pray. I prayed for courage and wisdom. Wisdom for what to do in this situation when I had to return to my desk and what to say if I had to face “The Boss” again today. I instantly felt a sense of peace and started remembering the first times I had met “The Boss”. He’s not a believer, and I’ve been trying to talk to him about Jesus, but he’s been a closed door so far. It got me thinking about my attitude towards the situation and how he saw me at that moment. Did he see Jesus in me while I ranted at him over how unfair he was being? If he all ready has a problem with Christians, did I just make that worse in his eyes? Was the injustice of my situation really worth his eternal soul? Probably not…. Actually, definately not. Do you think I did anything to reconsile with him? No – only because I just now made that realization. Crap, I hate it when that happens.

How do you handle something like this? Showing Christ’s love to unbelievers who’ve just hurt you? I certainly didn’t feel like ‘loving him like Jesus’ while I ranted to Lori. But what’s the alternative? His eternal soul in hell… OUCH!

Well, now that I’ve come to that conclustion the rest of my rant no longer makes sense. I did go grocery shopping, but didn’t get started until 8:30. Got home about 10 and then couldn’t sleep after everything was put away. Which is why it is now 11:30 and I’m still up blogging.

The day wasn’t a total waist though. Look what I came home to after grocery shopping.

Darn! I should have used this for my entry in I ♥ faces this week. Too bad I didn’t have it earlier!!
Well, here’s to praying for a better day tomorrow. One where “The Boss” can see Jesus in me even when he’s not being very loveable.


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