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The Smartest and Most Honest

It came to my attention recently, or maybe it was pointed out to me, that I neglected to include a very important person in my Thanksgiving post. I would like to rectify that mistake by giving her, her very own post. All to herself!

Let me introduce you to my Mother-In-Love, Lynn.


Believer of Jesus, mother of my husband, grandma of my boys, teacher of faith, big of heart, sweet in spirit, do-er of all that is right.
She is the “Smartest and Most Honest” person I know! This phrase coined by her mom and has stuck with her over the years. A title she so richly deserves I might add. When I attempted to run away from home at 17, it was James who picked me up at the local Pizza Hut and drove me back to his house. But it was my, then future, mother-in-law who talked me down from my anger, reminded me that my own mother loved me, then dragged me back to my house. I knew then that love was her first priority, but ‘the right thing to do’ would always come next.

It was because of her and James’ continual nagging, dragging me to church and prayers that finally led me to Christ. I make it no secret that I resisted the ‘church thang’ for a long time, but I am forever grateful for it. She has helped me grow in my own walk of faith in so many ways.

Her selflessness, I think, is what sets her apart from anybody I know. I don’t know anybody else who would sell the home they were living in, move into a small apartment and take the smallest bedroom, just to help out. There have been so many instances of selfless acts, I can’t even begin to count them. When I try to think of people whom I see Jesus in, she’s always the first person I think of.

Mom, Mother-in-love, Lynn – I love you and I appreciate you.
Your dauther-in-love,



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