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Let the Randomonium Commence

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything random. That could be because the meds are working properly or that I was distracted by chickens and shiny objects. At least I’m not distracted by squirrels. That would be weird.

First things first, a tree update. If you’re new to my blog and wonder why I’m posting regulary about trees – I have A.D.D. and that’s what I do! To read the first post you can go here, and additional updates on the trees, you can go here and here.

This first picture I actually took on Dec 10.


This next picture I took just this morning.


By the looks of it you might actually think it’s fall around here, but no. This is winter in the desert. I can’t believe how much the colors have changed in just 5 days!

I have lots of baking to do. Cookies for a church function tonight, chookies for bible study tomorow night, brownies for a pot luck tomorrow afternoon, Gary’s birthday cake for Thursday night, and Gary’s birthday cupcakes for his party on Saturday. Whew, I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

Oh, did I mention Gary’s having a birthday this week? He’s going to be 9 years old on Thursday!! I’m so not ready for another birthday. Thinking about him getting older makes me want to lock us all in a time capsule and never emerge. Last year, I told him he wasn’t allowed to turn 8. He didn’t believe me and consequently, he turned a year older. Ack! Do you think if he believed me this year then it wouldn’t happen? I’m trying my best to reverse the effects of time, but so far nothing’s worked.

*oh look, a hummingbird is in my tree!

What’s up with the bumpy sidewalk outside the Wal-Mart and Target centers? I shop mostly at Wal-Mart, so this comment is directed more towards them. That small strip of sidewalk that you have to go over before entering the parking lot is really annoying. It shakes up my soda, knocks off everything I have underneath the cart and is generally a pain in the rear. I wasn’t able to find any information about it on their website or on google.

I really need a blog makeover, but really don’t want to pay anybody to do it for me. Backgrounds have been a mystery to me in trying to install them and really don’t want that annoying name in the corner if I use someone elses template. I totally understand giving credit to the maker of the template, but I still don’t want it there. Anybody know how to properly make and install a blogger template and be willing to share your knowledge? I would be forever grateful!

Oh, honey – I would like a new thumb drive for Christmas. My 8 gb is full with pictures from the past 4 years and lots and lots of scrapbooking stuff. Thank you!

Conversation with John:

John: “Mom, can I sleep with you ta-night?”

Me: “No”

John: Starts to cry and babble incoherently

Me: “I can’t hear you.”

John: Takes a deep breath and instantly turns off the waterworks. “Mom”

Me: “What John?”

John: “Can I sleep with you….. Please?”

Me: “No”

Fast forward to 2:30am

John: Crying to loud I thought he’d wake the neighborhood as he walks into our bedroom with Gary right behind him.

Gary: “Mom, John woke up crying and he won’t stop.”

John: “Can *sob* I *sob* sleep with *sob* you *sob*, Mom?” *sob*

Me: “Fine” Pulls up the covers so he can get in.

Gary: “Can I sleep with you too?”

Me: Grunts “Fine”

Boys: Crawl into bed

The next morning

Me: *thinking to myself – “what is that all over me?” Pulls back the sheets and reveals that John has peed in the bed. “Crap”

It’s been like 6 months since this kid has been potty trained and wearing big boys underwear to bed and this is the first bed wetting accident he’s had?!?!?!??? I ask you, why couldn’t he have done that in his own bed?



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