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Oh look! A chicken!

Alternately titled: And I thought my husband was the sane one

Alternate title 2: My husband has discovered a cure to A.D.D.
Earlier today, my husband calls me at work. He asks me if I still have my weekly money. I was stupid enough to answer “Yes”. He asks me if he can have it to buy me a surprise. I said sure.
Let me just say, I will never utter the phrase “Oh look, a chicken” again. Next time, it will be “Oh look, a DSLR” or “Oh look, a diamond braclet!”
Because when you utter the phrase “Oh look, a chicken” in this household, you get….
a chicken. Or two.
This is me after being handed the chickens.
This is me after realizing that my dear sweet husband really did spend my weekly money on chickens.
I was absolutely speechless for about 3.2 seconds, then I told the chickens that they could stay if they ate the dogs. I’m pretty sure we’ll be pals if they can do that!
My husband is fired from craigslist. And bible study girls – I’m sorry. But I smell like chickens now and have no time to shower. Maybe a bird bath and a change of clothes will help that, but if not… I am terribly sorry.

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