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my 2 (and a half)

My 2 (and a half) hours starts right now!

Since my husband is the greatest man on earth, I must brag on what an awesome husband I have.

He tells me “After John’s breathing treatment is done, I have a present for you.”

Sweet! I like presents! Ok, kid – hurry up and finish with that breathing treatment would ya’. Mommy needs a present! 🙂

After the breathing treatment, James suggestively walks me into the bedroom and shuts the door behind him. He undresses me, lies me down on the bed and then…


As he walks out the bedroom door he tells me, “I’ll see you at 4. Enjoy your nap.”

But, as you can clearly see, it is only 2:30. Before he can shut the door again, I tell him. Can I just have 2 hours free time to do whatever I want? You know, instead of take a nap. So he walks back in and agrees that I can use that time for whatever I want. Then he starts getting fresh with me again. I tell him, “You’re using up my 2 hours, dear. This is my time, remember?” He says, “How can I make it up to you?” I tell him, “For every minute you waste use of mine, I get 2 in return.” He readily agrees and wastes uses 13 more of my minutes.

As I’m showering, I figure out the math in my head and came up with when my time would end. 4:39pm. This was my logic:

Me: Hey Honey, here’s my logic on the whole time thing. You used 13 of my minutes and I get 2 for every minute you used. Right?

James: Right

Me: Ok. Then 13 times 2 = 26, right?

James: Right

Me: Ok, so 2 hours from 2:13 is 4:13. Plus 26 minutes is 4:39

James: It doesn’t work that way, dear. You don’t get 2 minutes plus 2.

Me: That doesn’t make any sense

James: ~Bangs his head on the wall

So, I’ll be sewing and making the grocery list until 4:39!



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