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I believe I called it almost exactly as it would happen. John’s oxygen level was at 93 when he got there. They gave him 3 breathing treatments, an x-ray, and steroids. The x-ray results showed pnumonia, so the biggest difference with this hospital visit was an I.V. After James called me around 9pm to tell me they were giving him the I.V., I made my trek up there. I managed to just miss the I.V. poke, for which I am grateful for. He was on 100% oxygen and he did not like the tube up his nose. He kept trying to rip it off. His little tears streaming over the tape made me want to cry with him. But I managed to keep it together.

They removed the tube around 10:30 and he fell asleep around 11. The respitory therepist came in and administered another breathing treatment. James and I kept ourselves busy with a card game for a couple of hours. Finally, around 1am they discharged him. The final diagnosis is Pnumonia with asthma and an upper respitory infection. They gave him antibiotics and steroids. This will be a fun couple of days….

Original Post:
While I would love nothing more then to post about Gary’s recent birthday and the parties that took place because of it, I will have to put that post on hold for right now. One, because I need to get the film developed due to a toilet incident involving my digital camera and my 3 year old… but also because that 3 year old is currently on his way to the hospital.

My mommy senses are on high alert as daddy makes the trek to Mendy’s place. Our sweet little cherub has been battling asthma since he was 5 months old, and this time is no different. The triage nurce will check is oxygen and see that it’s around 94-95, they’ll get him back almost immediately. The doctors will order a breathing treatment, then another one, then an x-ray and finally some steroids. They’ll send him home with a perscription of the steroids to take for 5 days. Mommy will go insane again, John will get better and all will be well. This is John’s crazy cycle.

So, please pray for John and that his breathing will ease up and for daddy who there with him and the nurses and doctors who will be treating him.

Thank you!



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