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A plea to the medical community

Dear Medical Community and the people who research and find medication to help aid in the symptoms of Asthma,

The Albuteral y’all came up with is awesome. I love how you found a way to administer it both slowly via a nebulizer, and quickly via an inhaler. This has got to be the greatest accomplishment y’all have come up with towards aiding in the symptoms of Asthma, and I thank you for it.

However, when the Asthma flares up and becomes severe, the Albuteral does not work as well as it should. That’s ok. I understand that additional medication is needed to help reduce these symptoms. But I beg you, I plead, I am down on my knees grabbing at your pant legs begging you to please come up with an alternative to steroids.

My once sweet baby boy becomes possessed by evil beings. I’m afraid very soon his sweet bald head will be spinning in circles and he’ll be spewing green stuff. He used to delay gratification, but OH.MY.WORD! If there’s something he wants, it better be given to him or all hell will break loose. The screaming, the tears, the tantrums… I don’t know how much more I can take. When he’s not wanting something, he’s constantly in motion. He walks around the kitchen island mindlessly with one hand on the counter and hums. He climbs on the furniture and gets stuck. Observe for yourself:


Please Mr or Mrs research person, find a suitable alternative to steroids for the sanity of all parent-kind.



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