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Catching up

Ok, so I’ve been going through blogging withdrawls the past couple of days. It’s very hard to write on the weekends, what with the kids and the husband, and the cleaning, and the laundry. Whew, I’m exhausted just thinking about it! But, my dear sweet husband has blessed me once again, with a few hours to blog or photoshop, or facebook or whatever I wanted to do.

So, without further ado:

I was trying to figure out how to spell ‘adieu’ to use in the above sentence and in the process discovered that ‘adieu’ is actually goodbye and not proper to use in the above statement. But ‘ado’ is the proper use in that statement. There, now you’ve had your vocabulary lesson for the day.

Our Christmas day was so much fun. John is finally at the age where he understands the concept of opening gifts. Every gift he opened was “SWEET!” It was so funny watching him enjoy Christmas. Gary was so excited over the letter Santa left for him and John. It said something like “you guys have been such good boys this year” and “it took 9 trips down the chimney to bring down all your toys” and “Please go wake up your parents before opening any presents”.  Gary kept commenting on how Santa thought they were such good boys. I think he was a bit surprised by that.

I just ‘love’ the mess of Christmas morning! Don’t you? Oh, and remember what happened to my camera? Well, James and his mom were discussing what a shutterbug I am and guess what Santa brought me? A new digital camera!! Not the DSLR I’ve been asking for, but a Kodak EasyShare MD41. I’m very happy with my new camera. I also got an 8gb SD card to go with it. I have to admit I was a little confused when I opened the SD card and then felt bad after realizing he bought the SD card before I dumped the camera in the toilet. I had been asking for a new SD card for months because my old one was deleting pictures before I could transfer them. But was super pleasantly surprised when I opened my new camera!
After gifts were opened the novelty of the new toys were starting to wear off (except for my camera, of course) it was off to grandma’s house we went.
Where I continued to play with my new camera. Oh, the settings were so much fun. This camera has a white balance setting! I have been looking for the white balance setting in my old camera and could not find it.
I just love capturing all the moments from behind my camera lens!
Christmas evening was spent around our new fire pit. We made a stop at quick trip for some fire wood, CVS to look for items needed for s’mores, and finally Walgreens to successfully obtain all items needed for s’mores.
Oh, and I played with my camera some more!
On Saturday, I had my family over.
My mom
and Carla
My dad
and Sandy
My sister Rhiannon (who I just found out started her own blog, but don’t have the address yet.)
Who’s expecting baby #4 and says it’s a girl.
Those not pictured, but did attend were my grandpa, my Aunt Nora and her husband Tom and the slew of little monsters children.
I do have 2 brothers who were not able to make it.
We enjoyed a lunch buffet and eachother’s company very much. I have to admit, I was the reluctant hostess, but am so glad I did. That was so much fun and look forward to doing that at someone else’s house next year! I’ll bring the Xanax as my gift to the host(ess).
Later that night, we enjoyed more company around the fire pit.
Meet our friend Jim who did not know his picture was being taken, but was warned they were going on the blog. Hi Jim!
I think John was possessed as one point.

I have no idea what he was doing, but I think there was chanting involved. And yes, that is chocolate on his face. We were roasting more marshmellow’s to make s’mores. Yum!

As you can tell, I played with my camera some more.

And today, I have to tell you about my new favorite store. I told James and his mom, and I’m telling you now that any gifts for Christmas, my birthday (April 18, just an FYI for you – this is the part in the blog post where I give you a few minutes to grab your date book or calendar to write down any important dates) or whatever can come from The Container Store. It doesn’t matter what it is, I’m sure I’ll LOVE it! James and I went to the Gun Club today, which was so much fun, by the way. I’ve never been a big fan of guns, but since James’ new hobby is firearms I decided to go with him a few times. But afterwards, we went to The Container Store and I could hardly contain myself! Every aisle we went down, I found something I just had to have. Like this little slice of heaven. How awesome is that? Yes, I am now the proud owner of an ‘on the go’ cereal thingy. No, I am not being compensated to say any of these things. I did not receive anything from any store or company. I just love this store!!

Well, I think my time is up and it’s definately time to get the kiddo’s off to dreamland. Hoping all is well in blogland and you all are blessed. Time to get ready for a new week and the end of 2009.

Be Blessed



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