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This boy!

This 9 year old boy. Ok, can we pretend that it’s 12/17 for a minute because I totally did not post about his birthday. Yes, my baby boy had a birthday this month and due to birthday business and then illness, this post got post-poned.
I am now the mom of a pre – double digiter. Ah… what am I going to do with a 9 year old? I want to bundle up his 2 year old self and cuddle with it some more. Not that he ever was a cuddler unless he was sick, but still.
I mean seriously – look at how cute he used to be.
Ok, he is still cute – but in an older boy, someday a girl is gonna like him, kinda cute.
I made the startling realization this evening that I am a grown up. This came after telling Gary “Patience, child!” I thought to myself – Wow, I am truely old enough now to be calling someone a ‘child’ and not think that of myself. What is this world coming to?



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