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Cake pops and Baby envy

I’m pretty sure this is not what Bakerella had in mind when making cake pops. Or Amanda. Or MckMama. But they certainly were delicious!
Besides making and eating cake pops, I’ve also been satisfying my baby envy.
Seriously, who wouldn’t have their baby envy satisfied with a baby this darn cute? This is Conner, my new friend, Mary’s, 8 month old baby. He has an older sister and brother too, but those pictures will be for another post… you know, if I remember. I’ve run out of Adderall and I’m running on my own steam today! My poor husband.
I’m so glad it’s a new year. Out with the old and in with the new. Not that I’m big on resolutions or anything, but I do believe it’s time to start watching what I eat. Actually, I don’t have a problem with watching what I eat. If I see it, I eat it. That’s the problem. Maybe it’s more like not watching what I eat. Ok, ok, fine… let’s call it “making better food choices”. I’ll call it anything as long as I don’t have to call it a diet, because if I call it a diet I’ll do everything I can to sabatage it. So, here’s to….. Not dieting, but doing everything that looks like dieting. or something
The last couple of day’s I’ve sat down to write a blog post and have come up with nothing. I go through the day with a running commentary in my mind of all this awesome stuff to blog about, but when I actually sit down to write some of it, my mind goes blank. Does that ever happen to you? Yesterday for example, I was folding laundry and the thought occured to me that there is nothing better to do while folding laundry then to talk to myself. Hm, I wonder if I belong in a loony bin. Don’t answer that.
Have you noticed my twitter updates? They used to be over on the right, but I recently moved them to the left. I’ve been trying to come up with a witty title for my tweets and I think I’ve come up with the perfect one… changes to come soon. Probably right after I publish this post. I’m thinking “Randomonium in 140”
Ok, time to get ready for company. We took down our Christmas tree this weekend and now there’s a huge open space where a chair used to be. I’m thinking about rearranging instead of replacing the chair. What do you think? Change good? Change Bad? I’m so indecisive. Guess I should go get my meds!



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