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Not Me! Monday – New Year edition


Time for Not Me! Monday. You know, the blog carnival started by MckMama where you don’t admit to all the crazy things you didn’t do during the week. Is that a double negative? Isn’t there a rule about 2 negatives making a positives? Or is that 2 wrongs don’t make a right? I can’t be sure, but I’m going to join in the fun.
I did not get a little tipsy on New Years Eve while celebrating with my new friend Mary. I did not allow nor encourage 3 of the children to crawl through the doggy door.


I’m just entirely too classy for such shinanigans.

I certainly wouldn’t continue to encourage the children to crawl through the doggy door.
And I also would not sit on the floor snapping pictures as they crawled through the doggy door.
Nope, not me.
I did not go to work New Years Day hung-over. I am a professional and am ready for work at a moments notice, always perfectly groomed and well dressed. Therefore, I did not wear a hat to cover my unkempt hair-do and an oversized t-shirt. I was not at all upset over having to work on a holiday, because I was pre-warned 6 months in advance that everybody would be working on New Years Day.
*Yes, this good little christian girl does drink on occasion
I am not glad that the holiday’s are over and am not looking forward to a hectic free couple of weeks. I also am not looking forward to a certain 3 year olds birthday this month… which would then make him 4.



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