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Conversations with John

Updated to add yet another conversation:

While James and I are in the shower:

John: “Mom, can I shower with you and dad?”

Me: “No.”

Daddy: “John, you can shower with me when mom leaves.”

I then proceed to get onery with James…

Daddy: “Hey John, do you want to get in the shower with us right now?”

John: “No, wait ’til mommy leaves.”

Me: “Smart boy!”

After I leave the shower and John gets in:

Me: “Hey James, why don’t you wash him while he’s in there?”

Daddy: “Duh!” To John – “John, mommy doesn’t think I’m that smart.”

John: “Yeah, I know”

Me: “Hee hee hee!”

Daddy: “John, that wasn’t very nice.”

John: Busts out laughing!

Original Post
Sitting on the floor watching Yo, Gabba Gabba (someone please shoot me):

Me: Fussing with John’s bear blankie

John: “Mom, just hold me.”

On our way to the babysitters; John curled up in the seat next to me:

John: “Mom, pet me.”

*When John says ‘pet me’ he wants us to rub his back, legs, head, etc… )


John turning the Christmas tree lights on and off:

Papa: “John, stop doing that.”

John: Puts both his hands out in front of him as if to say ‘Stop’. “Papa, calm down! Just calm down!” Then takes off running and hides behind my legs.

Me: “What is going on?”

Papa: “Do you know what the little toad just did?”

John: Holding is hands out again, “Papa, calm down! Calm down!”

Me: Bust out laughing


Me: “John, you’re such a sweet boy.”

John: “Yep.”        


John: “Mom, can I have some hot chocolate?”

Me: “No, it’s too close to dinner?”

John: “What?”

Me: “No.”

John: Starts to cry and walks into the kitchen where Papa is making dinner. “Papa, I want some hot chocolate but mommy said no!” Is now having a full on temper tantrum

Me: “John, calm down. Just calm down!”
John: Cries even harder



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