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Thoughts that ran through my head *recently

*I say recently because I cannot tell you exactly when they ran through my head. I was planning on titling this post ‘thoughts that ran through my head this week’ but that may or may not have been entirely accurate.

“Has the world fallen off it’s axis? I do not remember last year’s tax season starting off this weird.”

“My trees are very nearly bare. I should post a picture on my blog for everybody to see.”

“Stephanie will soon regret sending me that text about texting her random things.”

“Ha, funny text to send to Stephanie tomorrow, “Miss, I think these are your

underwear” “

“Is it proper to use a quote inside a quote?” “This thought occurred to me just now.”

“Wonder what twitter would do if I posted that?”

“When will my blog start making enough money for me to be a stay at home mom?”

“Break my heart kid, I really don’t mind.” – this thought was right after putting John to bed angry; me angry, John crying. He said, “Mom, will you pet me?” I was shocked he even wanted anything to do with me.

“Where’s my camera? I have to record this baby! I’ve never seen anything so funny!” – video will come later. “Hey, a reason for them to come back.” –hint, hint.

“Twitter should change their question from ‘what are you doing right now?’ to ‘what are you thinking right now.’ Now that would be funny to read.”

“Comfort or ignore? What do you do when your 9 year old so stinkin’ sensitive and cries at everything!!

“Report card time all ready? I know what it says without even seeing it. Most of the boxes will be filled with M (Meets expectation), some will be A (Approaching expectation), he’ll get a few E’s (Exceeds expectation) in PE and Music, and nothing above an A in the behavior section mostly because the teachers feel bad about giving F’s (Falling behind expectation) with a note from the teacher saying ‘Gary still struggles with having a positive attitude, and following directions.’” – By the way, I opened the report card and that’s exactly what it said.

“Stupid FAME system; what’s wrong with the tried and true A, B, C, D and F?”

“I feel sane today. This is weird.”



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