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He is so not cute

James and I were relaxing in our room, watching tv, after we put the boys to bed. James was sprawled out on his stomach and me next to him. I decided to be a good wife and give him a back rub. I crawled onto his back and started kneading his sore muscles when I heard little feet approach the bedroom door. James and I watch silently as John creeps ever so slowly into the bedroom, almost as if he was trying to be sneaky but being full aware that we are watching him. He climbs onto the bed and crawls over to the other side with a little smirk like he had actually gotten away with it. Ok, he did get away with it, but I digress.

I look at James and tell him, “Deal with your son!” To which, James replies, “But, honey…”

“Don’t honey me, honey. Quit being such a sucker and deal with him!” So James looks at John and says “John, go back to bed.” John looks at his dad like he’s stupid and says, “Daddy, I am in bed” and proceeds to lie down next to him and watch tv. James and I look at each other and sigh.

When I finished with James’ back rub, James decided to take a shower and invited me to join him. As I was getting ready to take a shower, I looked at John and said, “You better be in bed by the time we get out of the shower!” “Ok, mom” was his response.

And where do you think he was when we got out of the shower?


Yep, in our bed. Under the covers. The little snot!


Linking up with 5 minutes for mom, and 7 clown circus,  Let’s just pretend this is wordless though, ok?


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