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Johnny is…

Yep, my baby boy is 4 years old today. I let him choose anything he wanted for breakfast and he chose cereal. He chose white cake with green, red, and white colors and then told me what order he wanted the colors in. He chose blue and red for the frosting decorations. He’s 4!! I think there should be a certain age you have to be before you can make choices. Kinda like driving, you can’t make any choices until your 18! Until then, just rely on your parents to know what’s right for you, mkay? Thanks!

John is the independant one. He wants to do everything himself, and he wants to help with everything. Whether it’s laundry, baking, or eating that last piece of chocolate, I can always count on him to help me out.

So, in honor of my baby turning 4 years old today – enjoy another addition of ‘Where’s Monster Truck’

This little guy wanted to be just like the real monster trucks in Monster Jam.

Ok, do you see the 5 lined up on the side of the dump truck? Do you also see the other monster trucks inside the dump truck? Thank you Santa and Papa…
It’s been a rather exhausting day with my sweet 4 year old. John was ‘helping’ me bake his cake and James walked into the kitchen. John looks up at James and says:
John: “Dad, come here. Let me see your face.”
Dad: Puts his face right next to John.
John: “I think it hurts.”
Dad: “Thanks John. Good to know my face hurts.”
John: “Yeah, it’s like a big owie.”



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