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Trees, boys, and random stuff

Check out my trees! In case you have no idea why I’m posting about my trees, you should start here. Then go here, here, and here.

I took this picture this morning with my actual camera (meaning, not my cell phone camera). No editing because I liked the way this one turned out.

I’ve been doing a little research on my camera to find out the best way to use my camera. Apparently, my camera has a built in ‘stupid button’. I call it the stupid button because if you press this button, no matter what your doing on your camera this button will tell you what that setting is. Pretty cool, huh? I’ve also been reading the tips and tricks on the Kodak website.

Check out the picture I took tonight on my way home from the grocery store.

Ok, so I did a little bit of editing on this picture, but I love how the street lights are reflecting on the rain soaked road.
Side note: Grocery shopping + rain = total suckiness
James and I had a parent teacher conferenance with Gary’s teacher today. The biggest issue Gary is having is organization and responsibility. I want to thank all of you who took the time to respond to my boy troubles. I truely appreciate everybody’s advice and encouragement. James and I along with Gary’s teacher have come up with a plan that will hopefully help Gary get back on task. We are going to continue with earning his priveleges everyday, but James has also come up with a great check list that Gary will be responsible for making sure his teacher checks and signs off on everyday. All in all though, she says he is a smart boy and one of the best kids she’s had this year. On a positive note, she also said his vocabulary is awesome!
Ok, it’s 10pm and James is going to kick me off of here pretty soon. Praying for more rain and no stupid AZ drivers who don’t know how to drive when it rains. Did you know we actually have a stupid motorists law? True story. People will actually drive through flooded area’s and get stuck. So the state of AZ will fine them with the stupid motorist law! Ha…
Good night, sleep tight. And remember, Jesus Loves You!



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