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Saturday night boredom blues

Remember our living room makeover? Well, I have the ‘Big Reveal‘ pictures taken and on my computer. That is, until I realized I completely missed a section of the fireplace and will have to rectify that today. So, this afternoon, I have something way more fun to show you!
My beautiful niece came to pay us a visit yesterday under not so good conditions. She was suppose to be spending the weekend with Nana (my mom) to celebrate her birthday, but Nana’s friend Meema (Carla) got sick and had to go to the ER. My mom called me and asked if I would watch Miss V for a couple hours until they got done at the hospital. I happily obliged. Afterall, it’s not very often I get to play with girls and Miss V is one of my favorite girls!
After she arrived, poor James was getting bored. What to do with a bored James and 3 kids? Go ice skating, of course! We had to stop at Target to pick up a pair of pants for Miss V because she was wearing a dress.
Both Gary and Miss V had a blast. They fell down a lot. Miss V cried every time she fell because she didn’t like the cold on her hands. I think Gary fell the most, but I also think he actually tried to skate. Miss V just walked along the wall the entire time. She didn’t wany anything to do with skating off the wall. Gary didn’t want any help from me, but he sure did try on his own.

John on the other hand, discovered that his daddy knew how to skate and didn’t want help from anybody else.


You see, daddy would hold John’s hands


pick him up, and start skating. Once daddy was going at a pretty good speed, he would


set him down on the ice. The two of them went round and round the rink like that. At one point, James had to go rest and gave John back to me. John asked me to ‘pick him up’. I told him I couldn’t do that like daddy could, so John said ‘I want daddy!’ Well, who wouldn’t? I want daddy to do that to me too!


That is how you cure the Saturday night boredom blues.



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