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Not Me! Monday – Somebody please, relieve the boredom and stop the madness

I was not so bored last night that in a desperate attempt to relieve the boredom I did not clean. I did not scrub the sink and countertops in my bathroom, nor did I get slightly annoyed while I was not feverishly trying to remove the pee stains from the toilet left by little boys who can’t remember to lift the seat when nature calls. My children have been properly potty trained and are never so lazy as to wait until the last second to pee that the half a second it takes to lift the seat would cause catastraphic damage to their little bladders.

I did not remove the plastic shower liner from their rings and throw the whole thing in the washer to clean the stuff that can only be described as ‘brown gunk’ from the bottom half of the liner. I then did not scrub the bathtub with Scrubbing Bubbles shower cleaner and a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. The magic eraser was not nearly black from filth after only scrubbing the bottom portion of the tub. Who lives like that? Certainly not me.

I did not continue the mad cleaning spree by using the now filthy magic eraser to clean the baseboards of the bathroom. It did not occur to me while not scrubbing the baseboards that I may be able to count the hairs left on my head at the end of any given day then the hairs that fall out, as evidenced by the hair found all over the bathroom floor.

The frenzy was not spurred on by the amount of hair on the bathroom floor, so I did not grab the vacuum cleaner to get it all cleaned up. I did not decide to vacuum the bedroom floor since the vacuum was not all ready out.

This would just be an insane thing to do at 8pm on a Sunday night while the kids were tucked in bed and the boys were watching football. I’m so glad it was not me. You could probably have found me at my computer – blogging.

If you’d like to read more Not Me! Monday’s, head on over to MckMama’s blog and read on. There are lots of women not doing anything embarassing.


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