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A series of fortunate events

Warning: If you have a strong gag reflex towards sappiness, I urge you to turn away now. This post will be oozing with compliments, praises, and lots and lots of bragging.

I’ve often wondered why God has blessed me with the husband that I have and the kids He has entrusted to my care. I know I didn’t do anything to deserve such wonderful people in my life, but I am so very grateful.

This past weekend, James had planned to be away all day on Saturday at a worship retreat. I try not to make many plans for Saturday’s because this is my day for laundry and house cleaning. This particular Saturday, I decided to finish painting our living room. The only thing that needed finishing was the fireplace. After James and FIL had left, I drug out all the paint supplies and got busy. The boys were happily watching tv and playing with their toys in another room, so I was left to listen to worship music and paint. After about 30 min, John decided he was bored and came to find me. Of course, he wanted to help paint. I grabbed an extra brush and dipped just the tip into the paint and let him have at it on the other side of the fireplace. Every few minutes, he would tell me he needed more paint and I would dip the tip of the brush in the paint and hand it back. Soon after John joined me, Gary came in and found us painted. Now he wanted to help paint too. Being that there wasn’t enough room in front of the fireplace for all 3 of us, I told Gary when John ran out of paint on his brush he could have a turn painted. The boys switched back and forth like that until the entire bottom half of the fireplace was painted.

A few hours later, after the fireplace painting was complete and we had cleaned up, I treated them to McDonald’s for a job well done. The boys ordered their usual, a chicken nugget happy meal with french fries and a chocolate milk. I let them play while the food was being prepared. As I stood in front of the counter waiting, a couple of kids walked in, no more then 5 or 6 years old, with their arms loaded with nerf guns and darts piled high in a Halloween pumpkin bucket. They headed straight for the play place, their parents no where on their tails. A few minutes passed and 2 young women with babies walked in and stood in line to order their meals. When my order was ready, I grabbed my tray and headed into the play area, no longer thinking of the kids or the young women. I called the boys to the table and we started eating. It soon became apparent that the 2 young women were the mothers of the boys that had walked in by themselves. These kids were shooting anything and anybody in their path of terror. They were screaming, climbing on the outside of the play equipment, going UP the slide, knocking little kids out of their way, and generally reeking havoc on the whole place. The moms? They were paying no attention to their children. They were chatting away as if nothing else was going on. As the chaos ensued, I looked at my own two boys who were quietly sitting there eating their lunch. I said a silent prayer of thanks for them right then and there. Then, they blew me away even more. John had reached up to grab a fry and accidently knocked over his entire lunch. Nuggets and fries all fell on the floor. John managed to grab a fistful of fries as they were all flying and then started crying. I picked up the box and managed to salvage a couple of the nuggets for him, but he still wasn’t satisfied. Just as I started contemplating buying him more nuggets, his brother came to the rescue. Gary had given him the rest of his fries and one of his chicken nuggets. Since he hadn’t eaten hardly any of his fries, this was quite a sacrifice. These boys never cease to amaze me!

And if that isn’t sappy enough, read on…

My dear sweet husband took great care of me while I was sick yesterday. I thought my head was going to explode from all the sinus pressure and I wouldn’t come out of my blanket for anything. He made sure I stayed comfortable, took care of the kids, ordered pizza for dinner, and loved on me. I hate being sick and most of the time will fake wellness just so that I don’t have to be catered to. This was not one of those ‘fake it till you make it’ kind of days. I was sick, and I wanted to be catered to. James happily obliged.

I love these boys and love being boy trapped!


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