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Moments of clarity are fleeting

I have absolutely nothing of great interest to say, I just kinda feel like writing.

My mind is strangely calm at the moment. This is not usual for me. Having A.D.D. can be a bit of a challenge most days. My thoughts wander from one thing to the next in a split second, but right now, this moment, it’s still. I love these moments of clarity – like the song; I can see clearly now, the rain is gone. In my case it’s ‘I can think clearly now, the A.D.D. is at bay.’ Then the husband comes out and turns on the tv and presses buttons on the keyboard as I try to type. There goes my concentration. Thanks dear.

A conversation with John – Just now

John rushes into the living room with an Oreo cookie in each hand.

Daddy: “Where did you get those cookies?”

John: “From the cabinet”

Daddy: “Take it to the table.”

John runs to the end table next to the couch

John: “This is a table”

Daddy: “TO THE TABLE!”

John: “This is a table”

Mommy: “The dining room table!”

John: “Oh”


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