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Random Observations

Have you ever noticed something and instantly thought ‘I need to remember that so I can blog about it later.’ I know I’m not the only one, because I’ve read lines similar to this in other blogs before. They’re usually in a Not Me Monday post though, so I think I’m breaking the rules. Or something.

Anyway – I’ve made some observations over the past couple of weeks and actually remembered to write them down. Since these observations by themselves were never anything huge to write about, I simply collected them and tucked them away until I had enough to write a whole blog post about. Since I didn’t have anything better to write about today or have access to my pictures at the moment and I’m completely bored at work, you’re blessed stuck with getting my list of random observations.

My daily check of the mail box usually goes in this order: Grab the mail from the box, sort the mail by the recipients name, check contents of mail that belong to me. A few weeks ago, I was going through my normal routine. As I picked up my pile of mail I noticed I had one of the cardboard flyer advertiser thingies. The advertiser? Hair for Men. No joke people. I live in a house full of testosterone, one of which could probably use this product, and they send the flyer to me. The only estrogen living in the house.

I’m starting to think living with all boys is detriment to a girls health. While I was perusing my Live Feedjit, I noticed what people were searching for when they found my blog. Apparently, you can find my blog in google if you search for ‘Farting Boys’. Ok, I get that. Especially when I wrote a whole post about how disgusting boys are because they think farting is funny. Someone else came across my blog by searching boys pee . blogspot. Really? Ok, so I did write a few posts when John was potty training. But, that leaves me to wonder ‘why are people searching for boys pee?’ And, ‘Is there really a blog titled boys pee?’ Never mind, I probably don’t want to know. The most baffling of them all though, it when someone found my blog by searching ‘Garbage on Table’. Now, it’s not like they found a blog post I had written using these search words. No, they found my blog! To my recollection, I have never written a post about garbage on a table, nor is my blog about garbage or tables. Let me reiterate, when you live in a house full of boys and you blog about them, people will find you by searching for garbage. That is proof that boys stink!

This afternoon as I was going through the list of blogs that I stalk, one blogger titled her post ‘Let there be light’ the next blogger titled her post ‘I’ve gone dark’.

One last observation before I bore you all to death. Apparently, I suck rocks. This observation made right after my husband told me that I totally suck and completely rock in the same sentence. So, yeah, I suck rocks.

Have a happy Tuesday. (Not to be confused with ‘Have a happy period’. Always lies)



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