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Worst song EVER

Mama's Losin' It

I found this wonderful new blog today called Mama’s Losin’ It. She has a wonderful blog hop that I’m participating in today. Hope you enjoy!

I don’t remember how old I was, but I can tell you I was very young. Like, elementary school young. I have no idea how or when it started, I just remember it being there and would never go away.

It was ‘The Happy Birthday’ song. Truth be told, I’m really reluctant to even share this story for fear of it getting stuck in my head again. For you though, I’ll risk it.

The song would be in my head when I woke in the morning. As I got ready for school, my toothbrush would glide across my teeth to the beat of the tune. I’d hum the little diddy as I skipped along to school, timing my steps to the melody. Tapping my fingers on my desk was short lived because my teacher would ask me to stop, so I turned to tapping my fingers on the tip of my thumb. And when I ate; yep, I chewed along with the rhythm in my head.

It didn’t bother me at first. It was just a catchy little tune that embedded itself into my brain and I happily played along with it. For a long time, that’s all it was; just a tune, no words. After a few months though, it started to get a little annoying; like a friend who’s overstayed their welcome. It accompanied me everywhere I went. To school, my friends house, to grandma’s; it didn’t matter. It was there. I’d fall asleep with the song still playing in my head over and over again.

I’d try to escape it by keeping my mind occupied with books and school work. I would drown it out with earphones plugged into my radio and the volume turned to a deafening decibel. While these approaches worked, they were only temporary fixes. As soon as I was done, the song would return. I’d run to the park near my house and climb my favorite tree in hopes the silence would quiet the constant singing. It was all to no avail. The song would not go away.

I don’t know if it was years or just felt like years later, but I had finally resigned myself to a lifetime of Happy Birthday. I was angry, sad and frustrated that this once loved song had turned against me.

During one of my fits of rage, I had decided that this song was no longer going to have a hold on me. I was giving it the boot, and I was kicking it hard. From that moment on, every time the song tried to play, I drowned it out with something else. At first, I had to do something physical. I read a book and when I was done with that I would play the radio, paying close attention to the lyrics and melody. If the tune tried to return, I occupied my mind with something else. I eventually got to a point where I could silence it by stopping it before it could play more then a few notes. After many more months had passed, I realized it was silent. I could wake up in the morning to peace and quiet. I could walk to school at my own pace. It was a glorious feeling of freedom.

Now that I’m an adult and many, many years have passed, I’m no longer haunted by the song in my head. But every birthday that comes, I’m reminded of the worst song ever written.



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