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Not Me! Monday – Blogging addition

I’d like to be a successful blogger; one who makes tons of money for writing their thoughts, beliefs and day to day activities down for the whole world to read, so it was not me who did not post anything over the weekend. I try to keep my readers entertained at every turn, with every laugh, and every word that is uttered out of a child’s mouth.

I am not totally confused with HTML and CSS, and therefore not contemplating hiring someone to redesign my blog. So far, this blogging thing has cost me $0 and a few hours of my time; so the idea of spending money to make my blog look pretty seems a bit extreme to me.

I’m also contemplating installing a new comment form, one where I can easily reply to commenters and stay engaged with my readers, but I’m not trying to find a comment form that is not blocked by my work computer. Some comment forms, such as Disques, is blocked and I’m not able to comment on posts where this comment form is in place. I would never read or comment on blogs from work. I’m a good employee and never have down time.

I’m not contemplating following God’s call to use my blog to help others, and now that I’ve written it, I feel even more strongly to follow. I’m not going to leave you hanging, wondering what in the world I’m talking about. That’s just mean.

I do not enjoy comment love, so please – don’t leave me any!

Care to join MckMama and spill the beans on things you’d rather keep hidden? Come on over and link up!



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