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I can’t thank you enough

So I’ll say it with a picture


I might be a small blog, but I’ve got regular commenters! And I am so very thankful for their support, encouragement and laughs! I’ve met so many great woman since I started blogging, and while choosing which bloggers to thank this time around was easy, I hope there will be many more of these to come!


The first and longest follower, commenter, blogging friend is known in my comments as RaD. Well, that pretty much describes her. She is RAD! {kinda feel like I’m back in the 80’s} She’s got a heart for God and serving other’s. She dares you to be used by God and lives it everyday. Ruth has 2 adorible kids, and if I ever get the chance, I will braid Bethany’s hair! I loved her Christmas vacation series and learned you can take great photographs with a point and shoot!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Mrs. Nurse Boy has much to smile about and who wouldn’t with 2 strapping young men and the cutest little Sweet Pea! Oh, and Mr. Nurse Boy who tortures his kids! She’s a faithful follower of Christ with a sweet spirit and is raising her kids to follow as well.


Amanda is mommy and she is baker. She is best known in blog land for her baking and more particularly, her cookies. I’m so glad I clicked on her blog, without which, I might be 20lbs lighter! While her confections are appealing,  what impresses me most about Amanda is her humble heart. She loves Jesus and strives to find God’s will in everything she does. I just don’t know how she finds the time for all that baking and still raise 3 adorible kids. She is super mom!


Becca is one of my newest blog friends. She has a couple of crazy boys who say the darndest things. She finds the funny in everyday life, never misses an opportunity to learn something new and when you visit her blog, make sure you read through her comments! Guess what else? She’s enjoying the warmer winter weather of AZ too!

Ladies, it has been a pleasure getting to know you through your blog. You inspire me and I’m looking forward to long bloggy (and maybe one day in real life) friendships!



5 Responses

  1. I am blushing! You are so sweet! Don't you just love the friendships from blogging?! People we would never have met otherwise! I, too, am glad I "met" you and your adorable family!Your kind words just brightened my day!Mrs. NB

  2. Hello-Greetings from the island of Bali-this is my first visit…and i really love your articles..i think i can get more lessons here..thanks for sharing..dont forget to visit me back…see you…

  3. Oh wow Michelle… I dont think I deserve this!! That is just about the nicest thing anyone has every said about me… thank you so much!! You really have me all choked up here!! And the other women who love you seem amazing!! Thank you so much for this sweet girl… it means the world to me.Be blessed!Amanda

  4. Hey, I know, don't ya love those ladies!!!

  5. You have some seriously sweet friends! 🙂

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