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Wordless / Wordful Wednesday


My trees this morning


I’ve been taking lots of pictures of the sky. This one I took under the canopy of the gas station as I filled up.


Did I mention all these picture I took with my cell phone? I also edited these photo’s with my cell phone. Oh the things technology can do! This picture was a text message I sent to James yesterday. I always lose the gas receipt, so I’ve started taking pictures of the readout and sending it to him!


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9 Responses

  1. Just found your blog from WW! Cute blog & cute boys!!!

  2. Great pictures! I didn't know cell phones could take such good pictures!

  3. My cells phone can't do that. Of course, it is from 1988…It is so green there. It is white here. With lots of brown underneath. Sigh…Mrs. NB

  4. Wanna borrow the 2 feet of snow I have in my back yard? I'll trade you for the nice green grass!!!

  5. Are you allowed to do both Wordless Wednesday and Wordful Wednesday on the same post? Isn't that kinda like cheating? Your phone takes pretty decent pictures, I'd say. Ours not so much, but we go for cheap, cheap, cheap. I think it's both funny and ingenious that you take a picture of the pump and send it to James in place of the receipt!

  6. Those are really nice cell phone pictures! I love your "receipt", I could totally see myself doing that too 🙂

  7. That first picture is really pretty!

  8. Love the picture of the fill up!! Too funny! Love the photo of the sky and trees. Cell phones have come a long way!!!Thanks for stopping by and leaving me your sweet comment…

  9. Stopping by from SITS and I love these pictures. I can't believe you took them and edited them on your phone! Off to explore the rest of your blog. Happy Friday!

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