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New Comment Form


It’s been brought to my attention that there is no comment link at the bottom of the post. I just contacted Intense Debate to see if this could be fixed. If you’d like to leave me a comment in the mean time, the comment box will appear if you click on the post header. Thanks all!

Original Message:
Hello Bloggies!

I just installed a new comment form, Intense Debate, so that I can easily reply to comments you leave on my posts. I really hope I didn’t just screw up my whole blog and have to start from scratch cause that would totally suck! I suppose I feel somewhat oblicated to keep you entertained while I’m testing this new comment form out, so here are some pictures of my kids.

Gary age 4, rockin’ out on daddy’s electric drumset.
Gary age 4, on vacation in Pinetop
I think Gary was much taller then John at this age.
John age aprox 4 hours, Gary age 5
These are the boys who keep me ‘boy trapped’



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