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Wanna see in a random sort of way

I’m warning you now. You are about to be inundated with pictures. Pictures of John. Why John and not Gary you ask? Because Gary was being a butt. Am I allowed to say that publicly? I don’t care – he was being a butt. He refused to have his picture taken, so John and I spent quite a bit of time on an early Monday morning playing and taking pictures!

We started the morning by getting our shoes on. I think I’ve mentioned before that John is very independant and wants to do everything himself. So this process took a while. As you can see, I needed to work on my shutter speed.

We headed outside and after just a few tries, got this stunning photo. Please pay no attention to the greenish yellow bruise healing on his on forhead. He had a run in with a door.
Then John told me “Wait right here, I’ll be right back.”
and came back with a Capri-Sun. The boy loves his Capri-Suns.
John played on the porch swing. I was actually sitting behind the swing and John was laying with his stomach on the seat part. The piece above his head is the back of the swing. As he swung forward I snapped his picture. This took a while to capture as I had to adjust the shutter speed and ISO in order to reduce blue and still get light in the photo. Still, there was some post processing done to lighten it up some more!
John decided to head over to the side of the house where I practiced my multi-photo button thingy. (At the moment, everything will be described as ‘thingy’) I’m not posting most of those pictures because… well… let’s just say I need to work on adjusting the focus a little quicker.
When he was bored running, he decided to jump from the electrical box. Yes, we have a trompoline but leave it to John to have more fun jumping from something that says ‘High Voltage’. In my defense, there was no warning that said ‘No jumping from this box!’
I decided to get creative and sat down while John stood on top of the box. This is the same Capri-Sun from previous pictures, by the way.
John reminding everyone that ‘Only you can prevent forest fires’
Oh how I love this boy! You see those black lines coming from his eyes? Those are his eyelashes. No kidding.
Another pensive look. I think this one is my favorite of them all. He’s just so darn cute!
Can you see me?
Seeing as how there was no trouble to be found on the electrical box, John was off to see what else he could get into.
This was about the point in the morning when John started getting bored having his picture taken. He even told me “ok mom, I’m done with pictures now.”
So we came in for a bite of lunch. He is as weird as he is funny.
I really need to work on lighting in doors. I have decided I really don’t want to use the flash unless I really really really have to. So I need as much help as I can get to figure out how to take great pictures indoors.
Nom nom nom. Love that mac & cheese.
See, I really do take pictures of Gary. But this was after Gary’s total fit and telling me that I could take a picture of his butt. (see, told you he was being a butt). The smile came after I told him to bend over and pull down his pants. His smile quickly turned to a frown though when I told him he was going to take nap right after lunch. He told me he was going to hit his head so hard on the bed rail that he was going to forget this day ever happened. I told him to line his bed with towels to reduce the amount of mess he would have to clean up in the morning. He assured me there would be no blood.
*Please don’t be alarmed by the above conversation. Gary is quite melodramatic and did not follow through with his threat. Although, I would have made him clean up the mess if he had.
And that my friends, is my first experience with my DSLR. Also, I apparently have to start naming all my electronics. Any idea’s on what the DSLR should be named? I’m fairly certain it’s a girl and being that it’s a Nikon it should probably start with ‘N’. What do you think?
Other items needing names:
Brother sewing maching
Apple iPod
LG phone
HP Laptop
Sony desktop



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