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Not Me! Monday – The random edition

Welcome to Not Me! Monday. This blog carnival was started my MckMama and so much fun. Head on over and read what other moms aren’t doing!

I have not spent every single day playing with my new camera. I have not included something about my new camera in almost every single blog post since getting the new camera and I am not afraid I’m going to lose my readers due to my new obsession with the new camera.

I did not sit on my lazy fat arse all day yesterday watching reruns of Law and Order because it was cold and rainy. I did not allow both my children to do the same thing because I was just too lazy to find something else for them to do. I’m always full of idea’s and fun activities and would never allow their fragile brains to rot like that.

I did not forget that today was casual dress at work and show up in jeans and tennis shoes. I did not use that, along with my sinus headache, as an excuse to leave early. As always, I am a good employee and would never take time off work.

My dear sweet John is an obedient child, so it goes with out question that I did not have to punish him for going outside barefoot when I told him not to. He did not come inside soaking wet from jumping on the trompoline.

Well, I think that’s is for all my whining today. What have you not been up to?



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