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Random stuff written randomly in my randomecular sort of way

Warning: this blog post will probably not make any sense to anybody unless you’ve been reading for a while and even then probably not. I don’t know. You be the judge.

I have a full blown sinus headache. I’ve been whining ALL day about my nose being stuffy and not being able to breath through my nose; and when I say whining, I mean “would you like some cheese with that? You sound like John when someone just told him he can’t have a cookie.” kind of whining. Throw in a good tantrum here and there and this sums up my day.

I sent the kids to bed early tonight because they were getting on my nerves. I did make them take a shower before hand though and after telling them not to get the bathroom rug wet when they got out of the shower, they followed that up by soaking the bathroom rug. Thanks guys. I made them clean up there mess, then they had to clean up their playroom. After inspecting the playroom, I then took all the clothes, toys, empty caprisun containsers, and their little straw wrappers that were shoved into corners and underneath furniture and placed them in the middle of the room and made them finish cleaning their room. During this little tyrade of mine Gary told me “You know mom, you can’t buy my love.” Um… ok. I’m pretty sure that’s not what I was doing. But thank you Gary for letting me know that. The next time I see something I think you’ll like and want to buy it for you because I love you I’ll remember this conversation and put the item down. Mkay? Now finish cleaning your room kid. Then go to bed. I’m probably the meanest mom ever.

I got a haircut yesterday. I really like it. James and I had a blessed couple of hours without the boys and spent our time getting some errands done and getting our hair cut. The boys were at the AZ Science Center with some friends. They had a blast. Gary offered to take pictures while they were there, so I let him use my P&S camera. When I got the camera back I started noticing a trend. There were LOTS of pictures of him and his little friend Abby. Hmmmm….

Ok, so back to yesterday and my haircut. I decided I would take a picture of my haircut so you all could see. Since James and I had finished up our running around, he then took off for a couple hours leaving me home alone. No one there to take my picture for me, so I stood in the bathroom taking my own picture. Want to see it? Check out my new side bar picture.

There has not been a day that has gone by that I haven’t used my new camera. I am so in love with it! But I’ve found that editing pictures takes time and I can’t possibly edit all the photo’s I’ve been taking; so my SD card is starting to fill up. Maybe I should get on that instead of blogging. Nah…

All right – I’ve probably rambled on long enough. Here are some pictures for you instead.

From last weekend when we got to play in the snow.

I really liked the snow on the roofs of all the houses. This was a little cabin nestled behind the hotel we were staying at.

This is how happy I was to see snow for the second time in my entire life.

My very first snow angel.

We had a mini snow ball fight.

Our footprints in the snow. We had found an area that had not been occupied in quite a while. This was right in front of a small restaurant. The snow was almost up to the roof and it was so smooth. I almost felt bad for walking on it, but quickly got over it.

Before we had even left for the snow, I had made up my mind that I was going to put my bare feet in the snow and take a picture. That was probably the dumbest idea I’ve had in the longest time.

Yep, those are my bare feet sitting on top of the snow. James told me to really dig into the snow, so that’s just what I did. At first it wasn’t so bad. I had hiked up my pants before taking my shoes off. Got the scarf and strings from my jacket out of the way so they wouldn’t be in the pictures, then proceeded to remove my shoes and socks. James was standing beside me and holding me up as I started to remove my foot ware. Standing in the snow wasn’t so bad. Sure, it was a little chilly. I managed to snap 3 pictures of my feet before I decided it was getting to cold for my tootsies and it was just after I snapped the last photo that James bent down and grabbed my shoes and socks and took off running. I couldn’t just stand there and let him take my shoes; I mean, I needed them. So I did what any rational person would do; I ran after him. Did you know that cold snow and bare feet is rather painful? Well it is. I can tell you that from experience now.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering at all (which you’re probably not because you’ve probably all ready closed this post because it’s so long and boring, but just in case you’re still here) that is a tattoo on my foot of the Jesus Fish and written inside the fish is the scripture verse 2 Cor: 5:7. Extra points if you look up the verse and come back here and tell me what it is. (Yes, of course I know what it is. I wouldn’t have put it there if I didn’t.) The location of the tattoo will make sense once you read the verse! And if you don’t like tattoo’s, that’s ok. I didn’t either for a long time but after much thought, prayer, and reading the bible, decided they weren’t all bad. Except the pain. The pain is bad. Of getting the tattoo, that is. And putting bare feet in the snow. Ok, I’m rambling again. Back to more pictures. Or should I just end this post? Nah, more pictures.

This is our new kitty, Tonka, climbing my jeans as I attempted to take my picture yesterday. Yes, I require the assistance of my kids step stool in order to see in the mirrow. Yes, I am that short.

Last picture, I promise. I mean – for this blog post. Doesn’t he look sad? He probably was since he was grounded all weekend long. We had 2 weeks of great reports from his teacher and then had 2 terrible days of not going class work or turning in homework. But, he did have a good attitude about it so we let him go to the Science Center with John.

Ok, Randomonium is over. Time to go to sleep. Or something.



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