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February Monster Truck

I’m thinking this should be a monthly feature. I’ve compiled all the pictures of the monster trucks that John left around the house when he was done playing with them. For those new to my blog, John loves his monster trucks and besides his camera, they are the only toys he plays with. When he’s done playing with them, he just gets up and leaves them; and I find them in some of the strangest places. If you feel up to it, you’re welcome to check out previous posts. Just click on the ‘Where’s Monster Truck’ link over there on the right. I’m way too lazy right now to link them myself.

I took this photo just today. I picked John up early today due to a dr’s appointment and we had a few minutes to play before we had to head out. Apparently, Bounty Hunter is a girl. Who knew?!
Maybe they were just cold and decided to warm up next to the fireplace? I suppose this would have worked a little better if there had been fire in the fire place.
Since the fireplace wasn’t doing any good, they moved over to the couch to be warmed up by the sunlight beaming in from the window. Chaos ensued and they decided to hold their very own Monster Jam right in my living room!
After all that chaos, they lined up and ‘parked’ for the night.
The next day, they decided to try out their cheerleading skills.
P.S. John’s dr’s appointment today went better then expected. His oxygen level was at 98! This was very good, especially for how bad his breathing seemed earlier today. The dr did say he was having a mild asthma attack and gave him a trial pack of Orapred and said to take it for 2 days. Also perscribed him antibiotics for an upper respitory infections, more albuteral for his nebulizer and said to buy Zyrteck for the allergies. Specaking of which, I need to make a trip to the pharmacy.

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