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Spending time together?

We have this room in our house. We usually call it “The Arizona Room” or “The back room”. It’s a sunny little nook right off the kitchen. Actually, when the house was originally built it was the back porch. At some point it was converted to this little room. Walls were built, ducted work was done, the window to the kitchen was removed. You know, the usual. When we moved in, James, his dad and I discussed what to do with this room. The only thing this room ‘officially’ was established for was a place for FIL to go to watch TV and get away from the rest of us. Since then, it’s turned into my sewing area, my scrap area, my fabric area, the corner where James stored his drums, the cats toilet (aka, the liter box), the dog’s food and water spot and storage. Poor FIL. All he really wanted was a place to hide out.

My husband has been struggling with my many hobbies. Truth-be-told, he admitted he was a bit jealous. The only hobby he had that he could think of was his gun and he couldn’t play with that any ol’ time he wanted to. That required driving to the range, buying amo, etc. etc. So he decided he needed a hobby of his own. We went to Hobby Bench to see what we could see. They had a whole bunch of stuff to get into, but he settled on model cars. He searched for the right one to begin his hobby. Now the question was, where was he going to set up his new hobby? Why, in the Arizona Room, of course! He cleared off one of my many tables and set up shop.

Tonight, I dragged the laptop into the AZ Room and made myself comfy in the overstuffed lazy boy while James worked on his model car. I blogged while he cut himself up with a razor blade. And FIL… well – he went to bed.

Poor FIL.

Does this count as spending time together?



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