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Another random post

I had a blog post half written out and decided to nix it because it was depressing me. It started out with me telling you about my stellar mom day I had yesterday, but then got into Gary’s bad day at school. 4 paragraphs later, I erased it all and started this one. You can thank me in the comments!

Lessons learned:

Don’t keep your kids up too late; they’ll be cranky the next day.

Never underestimate your 4 year olds intelligence; they are smarter then they let on.

Don’t leave a 64oz slushy on the edge of a table when a 4 year old is playing with his trucks on the same table. There will be slushy all over the floor and it will not be an accident.
**If your house is mostly tile, invest in a good tile cleaning machine.
***Never forget to take pictures when a photo opportunity arises. You never know when you need good blackmail material.

Don’t try to discuss something you think is important with your husband when he’s trying to pour vaccinations down a cat’s nose. It is not a good time and he will ignore you.
*** Honey, now that you’re not drowning our cats, I really want to go to blogging boot camp in May. It’s only $99! Spots are filling up fast!!

Due to parking issues at work, they are now offering valet parking. For free. No tipping allowed. (It’s not just ‘not required’ – it’s not allowed) Plus, for those who utilize the valet parking for the month of March and April, they are giving out $5 café vouchers due to not being allowed to leave for lunch. This would be awesome, except I come in an hour before valet parking opens. Bummer Coming in an hour later just to utilize the free valet parking is not worth the hour later I have to work. They can keep their $5 café voucher.

3rd graders are irrational. I don’t know how many times I have to say this, but don’t argue with them. Their arguments don’t make sense. You’d think I would have learned this by now, but no.
A good punishment for 3rd graders is to take them to bible study with you. Not to their bible study they attend while you’re at your bible study, but take them to your bible study and make them finish their homework. If they finish before bible study ends, they can take notes for you. The notes won’t make sense, but it gives them something to do.
*** It’s a good idea to review the 3rd graders homework to determine what supplies they will need to complete it while at bible study. That will nix all the excuses they have for not being able to complete their homework.

A good punishment for a 4 year old… _____Fill in the blank_____ . I haven’t figured that out yet.

When you need to buy pants for work, insist that your husband and 2 boys do not go with you. Offer to buy them ice cream. Across town. Far, far away from where you’ll be shopping. In addition, if you have a truck obsessed 4 year old – do not take him to Hobby Bench if you don’t plan on buying him something. The end result in either situation is never pretty.

Eating chocolate while angry might seem like a good idea when you’re in the moment, but your butt, thighs, and belly will not thank you later.

As James and I were doing out nightly clean up, it occured to me I had not taken a picture yet. I dropped the rag I was holding and grabbed my camera, snapped a few photo’s of John who was more than willing to be photographed (as opposed to going to bed) and then continued the nightly clean up. There has not been a single day that’s gone by that I haven’t taken a picture!



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