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Yesterday, I took the day off work and so did James. I took Gary to school and John hung out with us. Want to see what we were up to?

We started our day working on our projects and cleaning house.

Then we made a trip to PetSmart for this little guy. This is Tonka, our Tonkanese kitten. He’s 9 weeks old today!

John wanted you to know…

He loves his truck.

We checked out the rats

and then quickly checked out before John could say ‘I want one!’ Because I’m pretty sure James would have said yes.

Then it was off to Great Clips for a much needed hair cut.

While we were waiting our turn, John decided to amuse the other waiting patrons with his truck. Crashing it into walls, crawling under chairs to retrieve it. It’s a good thing James decided to wait in the car. He would have had a fit.

Shaving the beautiful brown locks.

There’s my handsome boy!
He’s so weird.
Then we headed to Jack in the Box for some lunch. John showed off more of his weirdly goodness!
Then, it was Grandma time!

Grandma time is always the best!

For both of then!

Or quite possibly, all three of them!

Updated this post for my friend, Ruth, who’s daughter also likes to show off what she’s eating! In John’s case, it’s the sucker he got from Great Clilps right after his hair cut. The little stinker.



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