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Project 365 – week 1 for me. Week 11 for everybody else!

All right, all right. I’ve been outed by dear Ruth, so I guess I better get with the program. I haven’t had time to edit most or all of these photo’s, so I apologize. I promise to be better next week!

Monday brought lots more rain, but at some point in the afternoon the clouds broke and a sliver of sun peeked through. I just love the sun rays reflecting off the couds.

Tuesday, I was such a slacker and for the first time since I got my new camera I did not take a single picture. The last time I realized I hadn’t taken a picture for that day, I grabbed John after he was in bed and took a few pictures. I felt better after that. This time, I was all ready in bed when I made the startling realization and was too tired to rectify that. Sorry.
Wednesday was bible study. That means, it’s PB&J for dinner! The boys love Wednesday night dinner!
After bible study, Gary decided to tell us about the earache he’s had all week. So, I made him a dr. appointment the next day to check it out.
Turns out, it’s just allergies. All his head gunk was backing up in his ears. Allergy medication was recommended to help relieve the pain.
Friday we had dinner with my mother in law. She had some pictures she wanted James to go through and take home. It was so amazing to see photo’s of her as a young adult. I didn’t recognize her at all, but I think she gets more beautiful by the day!

Saturday, John helped me make caramel brownies. After dumping 1 1/2 sticks of melted butter all over the counter, floor and himself, we successfully completed the brownies.

Yum, yum, yum!

After that, we had to make a run up to the park to bring James some food. He forgot to eat lunch and was umpring 3 games!

The boys decided to watch daddy umpire from the first bar of the fence.

We brought Brooklyn, our 6 year old Rat Terrier with us. She loves to chase that frisbee like a pup.

Today was such a blessing. Our church has been organizing a ‘feed my starving children’ food packing event.
All of these people and more showed up to help pack food.

I admit, I did not sign up to help. My friend, Leanne, invited me to help and I accepted. The packing was going to start just after church, so I had both the boys with me. They had child care for the little ones, so I dropped John off and Gary helped pack food. I so wish I had taken more pictures, especially of everybody packing food, but I was busy. You know… packing food.

Gary was such a great help. They had several assembly lines to pack the food. 2 people to pour food into bags, 2 people to place bags under the funnel, 2 people to weigh the bags, and 2 people to seal the bags. There were more people helping with keeping people supplied with food and bags and even more people to help store the boxes. It was such a great day. They had at least 2 sessions today, but we were only able to attend the first one. This picture was taken after the first session was over. The total number of boxes packed were over 120 boxes! With 36 packets of food per box and each packet holding 6 meals, that’s more then 25,000 meals that we helped pack in 2 hours.

It was such an awesome event. I just loved seeing all those people with so much compassion for people they don’t even know. Even Gary said it was so much fun!

This post is a part of project 365. This is my first week linking up and I think it’s going to be so exciting to participate!


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