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My off switch is severely damaged

I haven’t been able to turn the switch off in my brain today. You know, the switch that you flip that keeps you from saying what comes to mind. Like telling the babysitter’s husband that everybody is just being nice to him by not telling him they are embarassed to be seen with him. But I’m nicer then they are and will tell him the truth. “Why yes, Larry. We are all embarassed to be seen in public with you!”

Or like when I called James the offspring of the master testosterone and that’s why I’m poking him in the side with my kubaton. (Kubaton being a long medal rod hanging from my key chain. It’s suppose to be a self defense weapon, but I threaten to use it as an anal probe)

You would think something this large and obtrusive hanging from my key chain would make it easy to keep track of my keys, but you would be wrong.

Or like when Twitter might very well fire me for tweeting all about my shopping trip at Wal-Mart. For those reading my tweets today, yes, I did finally find the honey. Who knew they would be next to the jelly in the bread aisle. Makes no sense to me at all! I’m quite surprised I didn’t lose any followers. Then again, when I tweeted my last tweet from the grocery store, it was 8:30pm. Pacific time. I realized at the time I tweeted, most of my followers were in bed… because it was either 10:30 or 11:30 where you all are thanks to Daylight Savings Time.
Does anybody else hate daylight savings time? The time changes in spring requires more people to come in earlier to acommodate you east coast folk. Which means, there are less parking spaces up front for me! Yes, I realize I’m being a tad selfish. But I’m quite tired right now and probably should have ended this post a long time ago. On second thought, I never should have started. But now that I have, I’m kinda on a roll. And BlogHer requires me to write at least 2-3 posts a week and this should satisfy part of that quota. Right? RIGHT!?! Oh, who am I kidding. This barely passes as wrighting.

Ok, off to fix my off switch… Good night and God Bless. Cause God loves even those with broken off switches. Thank you Jesus!



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