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I heart faces – Angles

This week at i heart faces, they are focusing on angles.

For my entry, I grabbed my camera and went in search for my boys. I found them in the backyard jumping on the trampoline. Perfect! I laid down and snapped pictures while they jumped. I made them sit next to eachother while I jumped. PS – jumping with a camera in your face is not a smart idea. Just saying. The results weren’t what I was looking for for this weeks challenge, but I did get a very cute picture of them together! I looked around the backyard in search of something. I didn’t know what, but I needed something to help me get a good ‘angle’ shot. Thankfully, my father in law was painting the back of the house and brought home a giant ladder from work. I set it up next to the trampoline and climbed up to the top. I snapped a bunch of photo’s while they jumped, sat, laughed, threw their shirts over the net… snapped photo’s of James threatening to shake the ladder. As I was finishing up my photoshoot, the boys had gotten bored and were off doing something else. I climbed down from the ladder and found John playing on the backporch table. The table has a hole in the middle of it where an umbrella would go, and he was shoving his cars through the whole. I climbed underneath the table, prayed the glass wouldn’t break and told John to look through the hole. And now, here’s my entry!

I’ll post the other photo’s that I took for this weeks challenge in my next post. If you want to check them out, just click on the ‘home’ button above!



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