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Beware the cuteness

Warning: The cuteness factor in this blog post might be too much for some.

So, remember when I said I would post the other pictures I took when attempting to get a good photo for i heart faces? Then I lied when I didn’t? I’m about to rectify that.

First, I lied down on the trampoline and looked up while the boys jumped.

Then I told them to take off their shirts. Yes, my boys stripped for i heart faces. You know, in the name of photography and all!

But I just wasn’t getting the shot I wanted.

My favorite face shot, right here! Again, I was lying down, but still not the angle shot I was looking for.

Do their expressions look worried to you? Probably with good cause. This is the point where I decided to jump while they sat down looking up at me. I tried to snap the picture while I was up in the air, but it’s not as easy as you might think. After jumping into the net and knocking down one corner of it, I abandoned that idea.

Then I found a 10 foot ladder laying on the other side of the yard. I dragged it over to the trampoline and set it up. No, I was not planning on jumping off the ladder onto the trampoline – I have no idea why John looks so terrified. Probably because is 4’11” mommy was climbing a big scary ladder, or it could be because…

his brother was about to attack him. I can’t be sure. I’m going for ‘he was scared for mommy.

Then James came out and saw me standing on a 10 foot ladder with my camera in tow. Oh yes, he’s thinking about shaking that ladder.

Then he shook the ladder… Jerk.

Since mommy broke the net, the boys were told to get down until the net could be fixed. I just love it when they look up to me. I know it won’t be long before I’m (literally) looking up to them, so I’ll cherish every moment I still have while they’re still shorter then me. Gary’s all ready eye level with me and he’s only 9.

Speaking of Gary – today he told me that at the end of this year, it will be a decade. Because every 10 years is a decade. That got me thinking that Gary will be a decade this year; which got me thinking even further…. My realization for today is that 10 years ago today, I was pregnant with him. Aaahhh

*Disclaimer – no children were harmed in the making of those photographs. I don’t think. But again, I can’t be sure.



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