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My World – Welcome

The car was warming up, John’s day bag was packed, we were ready to go. John still in his jammies, sleeping soundly. I bent down to pick him up. I cupped my hands behind his head an stared at his little face. Studying the features God had given him. His long brown eyelashes rested on his fat cheeks. His little button nose whist…

A Conversation with my husband:

Me: Honey, I haven’t any good idea’s for blog posts lately.

James: I know! I’ve had to read the same boring posts you wrote last week.

Me: Well, then why don’t you just go back and read the stuff I wrote in the beginning?

James: Because I’ve all ready read them!

Me: So read them again! It’s like a rerun. You like reruns.

James: Maybe if you’ve been writing for years and years like the bloggess, then you could recycle some of your stuff. But you haven’t been, so everybody would know you recycled a post.

Me: I’ve been writing for years and years.

James: Really?

Me: Yes, really! I write notes to the teacher and to Gary. I write the grocery list and…


I’ve been reading blogs for quite a while now and have come across a few ‘Random’ meme’s that I’ve pondered over. You know, like Tuesday’s Random Thoughts and Fragment Friday. This just doesn’t make any sense to me because all my thoughts are random, regardless of what day of the week it is. Wouldn’t it make more sense to hold a random meme randomly? Like hold the meme on a Wed. then again on Sun.? It would be like…


Have you noticed something about each of those stories? Welcome to my world. A.D.D. sucks.



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