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Project 365 – Week 13

‘m feeling a little better then I did last time I posted. I’ve decided to take a break from my A.D.D. meds for the weekend and haven’t had one headache all weekend! Sure, my thoughts have been scattered and I left a load of laundry in the washer all night, but that’s ok! I did manage to get a nap in on Saturday which is completely impossible while I’m on the meds, so that was a plus too!

Ok, on to Project 365

Sunday 3/21

Remember last week when I promised I would tell you about ‘Grandpa broke it’.


This is John’s prized posession. And really, I can’t blame him. This is his VTech Kidizoom. Otherwise known as his camera. And papa broke it. The thing takes 4 AA batteries and with the use this thing gets, the batteries are replaced quite often. The time previous to this batter change, I told FIL (father in law) that the screw was stripped. He said ‘Nah, it just needs a little pressure underneath’. This batter change, I told him the same thing. The screw was stripped. He said, ‘Nah, it just needs a little pressure underneath.’ So, he stuck a butter knife under the batter cover and started unscrewing it. The screw wasn’t budging, so he put a little more pressure under it. Enough pressure to break off part of the battery cover and rendering the whole toy useless. Poor John was so upset. I’ve attempted to get a replacement part, but that fiasco is a blog post all by itself.

Monday 3/22
I relaxed while….
James did yard work.

Tuesday 3/23
I was a slacker on Tuesday and didn’t take a single picture.
Wednesday 3/24

I went for a walk around the building where I work. I snapped a bunch of pictures of the plant life. I didn’t realize just how much plant life there was where I worked until I started taking all these pictures!


These are my trees from the outside! All the pictures I’ve taken before of my trees were taken from the inside while sitting at my desk. I’m so excited to see leaves on them!


Oh, and just in case you didn’t believe me – this is the sign they have in one section of the parking lot. Yes, my work offers valet parking, but only if you start work at 7am or later. I don’t get to utilize the valet parking because I’m in at 6am.


After work and picking up the boys, I had to go grocery shopping. Grocery shopping was a little late this week since it usually gets done on Monday. John found himself a new friend while we were shopping.


This was also my first attempt at leading lines. I don’t think I did a very good job…

Thursday 3/25

Thursday I found reason to kill my husband. What is that orange thing all those arrows are pointing at, you ask. That is a piece of a Dorito. I hate sleeping on dirty sheets and only allow food in bed if James eats it on top of the covers and has a napkin to wipe his fingers. So finding the Dorito on the sheets caused me to wash bed sheets late on a Thursday night.


Friday 3/26

John decided he was a vampire.
Then we had friends over for wine…

and poker.
Saturday 3/27
I made pancakes for the kids. But John didn’t want any, so it was just Gary and I enjoying the pancake yummy goodness.

Then we went to our old church who was hosting an Easter carnival. The boys had a blast. John wanted to ride on the hay ride, so we all piled on the back of the trailor and went around the parking lot.


My favorite part was when John insisted on holding my hand through the entirety of the ride. After the hay ride was over, John wanted to go again. I happily obliged. Gary was way too busy to hang out with his mom  and brother, so he hopped off before the ride was even over.

This post is part of Project 365 hosted by Sara. For more 365 pictures, head on over and check them out!

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