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Today – I ended my 3 day medication vacation. I have to tell you, it was a very nice 3 days. I got nothing done all weekend, except lots of cuddles from a sick little John. I actually took a nap, which I haven’t done in ages. The medication I take for the A.D.D. does not allow my brain to rest, so naps are out.

Today – I baked with John.

Mmm… I do love chocolate!
Today – James told me he hated my camera. 😦 That made me a little sad. But then again, I was taking pictures of him hard at work.

I got lots of funny expressions, but I think he might kill me if I posted more. He might kill me for this one, but for you, I’m willing to risk it.
I do love this man! Paint & sweat stains and all! And look at my porch swing…
It’s very vintage now. I love it!
Today – John asked for a snack. We walked to the pantry to pick out the snack he wanted. I picked him up and put him on my shoulder. He surveyed his choices – hummed and hawed for a while saying “Um, I think I would like… um… I think I will have… um… ” and after 2 minutes of searching through the vast array of snacks, finally settled on Gold Fish Crackers. I suppose if your snack shelf looked like this…

 and this

you might have a hard time choosing as well.

Have I mentioned I love chocolate? Does it show?

Today – John told me he was going to play football with Gary.

and I didn’t have the heart to tell him that he looked like a dork with my head band on.

Today – I only had one headache! Praise the Lord.

Today – I chatted a whole bunch with my new friend, Becca.

Today – I plan to go back to work tomorrow and get things back to ‘normal’

What did you do today?



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