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Turn back now

Didn’t you read the title? It said “Turn back now”

Are you really still reading? You’re a brave soul ’cause I’m about to puke on my blog. And when I say ‘puke’, I mean I’m gonna tell you about all the stuff going on in my head. One, so I can get it out of my head, but also so you can get, yet another, glimpse of what it’s like to be in my head. Mostly to get it out tho…

Ok, fine. You’ve been sufficiently warned. Reading beyond this point may be hazerdous to your mental health and I recommend you turn back now. I am not responsible for any damages that may occur from this point forward.

2 comments?!?! Really? I’m such an unpopular blogger that I only receive 2 comments if it’s not linked up to a blog carnival. Thank you Ruth and Becca for being such loyal commenters. I love you too! (Yes, I do say love and not heart. No, I don’t think it’s over used, or lose any meaning when used casually)  So there. Now imagine me blowing raspberries at you.  (getting down from my soapbox now before I hurt myself.)

It’s 10:30. I should be sleeping, but instead I’m blogging and eating chocolate cake. I just got home from spending time with friends. Ok, I actually had to make them brownies because one of them threatened to unfriend me on facebook if I didn’t bring her brownies. Have I mentioned I’m unpopular? I can’t afford to lose another friend. So I fired up the ol’ oven and slaved away in the kitchen, ignoring the cries of my children and husband trying to make the perfect brownie so that I wouldn’t be left friendless. I admit though, it was fun. The spending time with friends thing – that was fun. Not the baking part. Ok, ok… the baking part was fun too, but the spending time with friends thing was way funner. (yes, I know funner isn’t a real word. But I like it and this is my blog). We laughed a lot and I’m just glad I didn’t fart one time while I was there. I’ve been a bit gassy lately and have been known to clear out rooms from time to time. *I thought about not writing that last part, which I’m sure you would have been thankful for, but I did warn you to turn back. So if you had listened to me in the first place, then you wouldn’t have gotten this far.

Speaking of disgusting… last night, I had just finished washing the dinner dishes and I didn’t completely dry my hands when James had taken them to drag me outside. He asked me “Why are your hands wet?” To which I replied, “I just got done peeing on them.” (I did warn you to turn back, OK?!) Not 30 seconds later, he shoved my hands against his butt and farted. I yanked my hands back and smacked him several times. He’s laughing at my reaction and explaims “You just got done telling me that you pee’d on your hands and your calling me disgusting for farting on them!” Touche my dear.

I’ve been thinking about doing a giveway here. Did I tell you I won my first ever giveway? It was at Walgreens. I bought eyeshadow and they put my name into a drawing to win a whole bunch of Walgreens brand broducts. It was cool. Anyway, back to this giveaway idea… How ’bout if my lurkers come out of hiding? Do I even have lurkers? I don’t know… let’s find out. Ok, here’s how this will work. I’m kinda sorta somewhat a little crafty. I know how to make camera strap slip covers for SLR camera’s, I make little blankets, I know how to make hats, and am learning how to make headbands. I know it’s not much of a repertoire, but sometimes I can make stuff that don’t suck.

So, here’s how this little giveaway game is gonna work. Anybody who comments on this post is entered to win. You can get a second entry if you follow me on twitter. You can get a third entry if your comment makes me giggle. If you can make me snort a beverage (most likely Diet Dr. Pepper) out of my nose, the prize is yours. I’m not easily impressed, so good luck with that last one! I’ll draw a winner on Friday… if I remember. If not, you’ll have to remind me. K?



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