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Letter of Intent – to VTech


You might remember from a previous post that my Father in Law broke John’s favorite toy. A VTech Kidizoom Camera. After ordering the free replacement part from VTech and paying $5 in shipping, I had further cause to contact VTech. Since I wasn’t able to get through via telephone, I sent them an email.

Good evening Vtech customer support person who will be handling my issue,

My son received the Kidizoom Plus camera for his birthday this past January and I must tell you, this toy has not had much of a rest. I’ve all ready replaced the batteries multiple times and have had to sacrafice my own SD card in order for him to take more pictures. Without which, I would be pestered constantly until the memory was erased and he could take more pictures/video’s. This has been a great toy, and I think we may have a photographer on our hands!

The problem I’m having is with the batteries covers. With the multiple battery changes this toy requires, I suppose it was just a matter of time before one of the covers broke. And break it did. This upset my little guy because a minute without his precious toy is a minute in H E double hockey sticks for mommy! I immediatly got online and came to your website where I discovered the I could order missing or broken parts for free! With the low, low cost of $5 for shipping. No big deal. $5 was worth the happiness this toy brings to my sweet babe. I ordered the part described as “LEFT RIGHT BATTERY COVER BLUE”. To me, this looks like I’d be receiving both the left and the right battery covers. I really only needed one side, but thought it would be nice to have the other ‘just in case’. You know how kids can be! I ordered the part and paid for shipping on Sunday. I got a confirmation on Monday that the part had been shipped and today (Thursday) the box arrived. All would be right in my boys world again in just a few minutes. I opened the box to find only 1 battery cover. Ok, no big deal – I thought. Maybe the battery covers are universal. New batteries were placed in their slots, I picked up the new part and placed it on top of the batteries where the old battery cover once was and… it didn’t fit. I turned it just slightly, I pressed down on it, but no matter which way I turned it, it just wouldn’t fit. I tried it on the other side, (the side that all ready had a good battery cover) and wouldn’t you know it… it fit. I turned the new part upside down and compared it with the other two parts. As it turns out, the battery covers are NOT univeral.

Could you please, quickly, send me the other battery cover so that I could get some rest from the insesant badgering of my 4 year old asking “Is my camera fixed yet?” In his defense, I can’t really blame him because I have the same love affair with my own camera and I would be 100x worse then he is if my camera broke.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
I sent this email on Friday 3/26 after my second attempt to call them failed. They apparently close at 3pm PST, which is just not conveniant for me. I still have not gotten a response from them. I did manage to call them during their business hours on Monday to get the part I needed, but they said they were in the middle of inventory and couldn’t process the order until Thursday (today). In the mean time, the battery cover is being held in place with packing tape. Mommy couldn’t take it any longer.

For more letters of intent, head on over to Julie’s blog! You’ll be glad you did.



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