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Not Me! Monday – day after Easter

We did not color Easter Eggs on Saturday only to have the Easter Bunny forget to hide them.

I’m not using the excuse that I’m blogging at work and therefore, do not have access to my pictures as my reason for not including pictures in this weeks Not Me! Monday. It certainly would not have anything to do with my complete lack of motivation in editing the thousands of pictures I’ve taken since getting my DSLR, and I’m not stressing over where exactly I’m going to save all these pictures. (and yes, James and MIL, I have been deleting pictures I don’t like – so there). Nope, that wouldn’t be me. I’m always on top of my photography hobby as I am all my other hobbies.

Which means, the baby blanket that I was working on for my friends baby shower a few weeks ago, is not in the same state of completion as it was when I presented it to her. (and then took it back to finish). The baby blanket is not sitting on my dresser waiting for the border to be sewn on. I am not dreading sewing on the border still because of my complete lack of skill as a seamstress.

I’m not sitting here staring at my trees, trying to recall all the things worthy of Not Me! Monday instead of actually working. Nope. Not Me!

What do you say? Want to join MckMama and all the other Not Me’ers?



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