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True Story Tuesday – Update on the camera

It really is still Tuesday as I write this. Actually, it’s 9:36pm to be exact. I say that because I may not be able to post this on Tuesday for True Story Tuesday due to Cox’s power outage in the area. I suppose if I had written this earlier in the day, I could have had it posted before the outage, but then the story wouldn’t be quite as funny. Since this story didn’t happen until late this evening.

Remember this?

How Papa broke John’s Camera and then I ordered the battery cover from VTech and they sent me the wrong side. So I emailed them and didn’t get a response.

To give you an update on the battery cover, I was able to get in touch with VTech on Monday of last week and was told they were doing inventory and wouldn’t be able to process the order for the correct battery cover until Thursday. On Thursday, I got a confirmation email that the order had been processed and another confirmation email that the part had been shipped. Yay! It would be just a matter of days now before the darn thing would be fixed permanently. You know, instead of the temporary fix that is packing tape.

Fast forward to today. James is telling me that when he got home, he found a little brown box on the front door step. He said it looked awfully familiar, almost as if he’d seen one like it before. He opened the box and discovered the reason for the familiarity. It was from VTech with the brand new part! He’s laughing all the while telling me this story and just as he’s finishing up, he holds out his hand for me to take what’s in it. He drops the part in my hand and…

I bust out laughing too!

I can just see the disgruntled employee laughing as he/she packs the pink battery cover knowing full well that what we ordered was the blue one.

Oh well! At least it fits and John will finally leave me alone about it being broken. Now I just have to worry about emptying the memory every 5.2 seconds.

Head on over to Rachel and Mr. Daddy’s place for more True Stories! You’ll be happy you did.



3 Responses

  1. Whew! I didn't think I'd ever get to comment. For some reason IE has decided it does not like your new blog look and has kicked me off everytime I've gotten on. I barely had time to click on the comment thing before it kicked off. This doesn't even look like the normal comment thing, so I hope you can read this anyway.Your new blog look is cool! Looks like you had fun figuring it out.

  2. No way! Sounds like they need another Letter of Intent written to them! I'm sure the kiddo could care less about the color now that he's got his beloved toy back!Would love to see some of his captures – sounds like he has quite the ambition for photography!Thanks for linking up – too funny how that worked out!

  3. Oh this plain old makes me laugh. I have been following the camera drama and I LOVE the resolution. How fitting?!!!! Hysterical!

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