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Project 365 – week 14 & 15

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Yes, I know I’m a week behind. I’m so sorry I didn’t get last weeks pictures posted, but I’m hoping you’ll forgive me and allow me to post them today. I did manage to get them edited and uploaded, but the writing of the blog post was a bit overwhelming for me this week. Forgive me?

Sunday 3/28

We had friends over. They brought their baby and Gary got to hold her.

 But John got sick and spent the entire night in our room watching Cars. He proceeded to watch Cars for the next few days – Non Stop.

Monday 3/29

John played with his camera while we waited for the dr. to come in. Turns out, he had a virus that created problems with his asthma. A steroid was perscribed, but I we never did use it. He managed to get through it without needing them. Praise the Lord!

Tuesday 3/30

Day 2 home with a sick John found us at Target and John wanted to make cupcakes. I picked up a mini cupcake pan and all the stuff to make them. We came home, made the cupcakes, and John lost all interest. Little bugger.

Wed. 3/31

I returned to work. On my way out the door, I found John’s Monster Trucks lying on the front entry way. I really think he’s trying to kill me with these things.

I took a picture of the moon just after I dropped John off at the babysitters.

Then I was rewarded the ‘Good Catch’ award for catching a mistake that was made. I let a coworker use my camera to take this picture and he didn’t even question the fact that I was making a weird face. No laugh, no weird look… nothing. I guess this is expected of me!

Thursday 4/1

James and I went Easter shopping. We decided this year, we would get the kids something they could ‘do’ as opposed to something they could play with. Which led us to Michaels. While we were there, I found this Mega Mug and immediatly thought of my friend Lori who drinks a LOT of coffee. I snapped this picture with my phone and since this was the only picture I took on Thursday, it’s the one you all are left with.

Friday 4/2

Since James had all week off for home improvement projects, I asked him if he would take John to the sitters for me so that I could go to work early. He agreed, but ended up keeping him at home. When I got home from work, I found John dressed like this. This is what happens when dad is left in charge!

Saturday 4/3

We decorated Easter eggs

and our faces!

Has this post been long enough? No?! You’re ready for more? Good, because now it’s on to this week.

I have to admit, I did really bad with my picture taking this week. Which will probably be good for you since you’re all ready inundated with pictures!

Sunday 4/4

After church service, our Easter was spent with one of my favorite people, my mother-in-law!

I have no picture on Monday 4/5. Work was crazy busy this week and when I wasn’t staring at tax forms, I was thinking about tax forms and then dreaming about tax forms.

Tuesday 4/6

We were finally able to make a deal work on our new truck!

Wed. 4/7

I tried to kill my husband with chocolate.

cause he’s diabetic and all!

Thursday 4/8

I just loved the way John’s eyes were so blue as he jumped on the trampoline. I had to sneak my camera out there and snap some pictures of him playing. Yes, I know it’s upside down. That’s how I took it! 🙂

Friday 4/9

I declared myself buried under paperwork.

for the unforseeable future.

Saturday 4/10

I filled up that little water gun and gave it to John. I then told him to shoot daddy with it. Daddy retaliated by turning the hose on John. When James was finished with him, he hauled but back inside, so I ran to the bathroom and locked the door.

When I emerged, James had lost interest in getting revenge, so I went back outside and refilled the water gun for John. He proceeded to wash my car and daddy’s truck. Then he watered the bush and the rocks. I don’t have those pictures for you. But a little while later, James found me outside and John with the water gun. He commandeered the water gun and turned it on me.

I asked him, “you wouldn’t dare turn a water gun on a woman with a very expensive piece of camera equipment, would you?”

His answer?

Yes. Yes, he would.

I did, however, spend most of my day measuring and cutting fabric. I managed to sew two of the center pieces I was working on when I called my friend Lori and asked her to come help. It was her project after all!! Actually, it was just a good excuse to spend time with her!

And that, my friends, is my last 2 weeks in review. Now that I’m up to date on project 365, I need a little help from you guys.

You see, this post I’m writing now is post # 199. Which means, my next post is # 200. Since my 100th post was completely ruined due to an eye injury that resulted in my infatuation with getting a glass eye, I’ve decided to celebrate post #200. But I have no idea’s on what to do for a celebration. This is where you all come in. What would you like to see? Maybe a ‘get to know me’ post where you ask me a bunch of questions and I answer? Maybe 200 pictures of totally random stuff. I don’t know… my think tank is empty, so I need your help!

It’s all in your hands now!


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