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Reprimanded by Walmart

Taking a break from work to bring you –

My 200th Post

Sorry I’ve been MIA the last couple of days. I’ve been trying to think of something awesome for my 200th post, and while I’ve gotten some great idea’s, the execution of any of them is more time consuming that I’m willing to put into them at this point. Basically, I’m too darn lazy. Will you forgive me? Awesome, thanks!

In other news, I was reprimanded by a Walmart employee yesterday for taking pictures of flip flops. I had read a tutorial the other day on aperture and was trying out different aperture settings using the flip flops as my subject. The display was quite nice, they must’ve just put them out because they were still fully stocked and color coordinated. But after m 3rd shot, this lady in a walmart shirt asks me if she could help me with anything. I politely told her no, that I was just looking at flip flops, and then she gets all snotty with me and says “You can’t take pictures in Walmart!” I stood there dumbstruck at the audacity of her rudeness for a second as she smiled smugly at me. Once I recovered, I sweetly smiled back at her and put my camera away. I had gotten the shot I wanted and I wasn’t about to get into an argument with someone who probably didn’t get enough hugs as a child. Of course, my first instinct was to give her some smart ass remark, but my fear of confrontation usually wins out. Which is probably a good thing, since 1.) Jesus would probably want me to show her love instead of hate and 2.) I had a full cart of unpaid groceries and I didn’t want her throwing me out of the store before I could pay for them. I really hate to grocery shop and did not want to go to another store. Mostly it was the Jesus thing though. I’ll post the pictures later after I’ve edited them!



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