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I had a birthday

but now it’s over and that makes me a little sad. April 18th is my favorite day of the year!

My very smart husband knows me only too well. I really should try to be less predictable, but I can’t help it when it comes to my birthday! It’s a day dedicated all to me! So, when I asked James the night before my birthday if I could open just one present in the morning, he didn’t have much a problem saying no. He admitted he bought a gift knowing I would ask to open one in the morning.

It’s Farkle! The best dice game ever invented.

Before church, James took me to The Big Apple for breakfast. Mmmm… pancakes! And I didn’t have to make them. The rest of the day was pretty lazy. I helped James clean the floors although, he said I didn’t have to but really, what else was I gonna do? Besides, the vaccuum cleaner was making it hard to hear the tv.

There was shishkabobs for dinner. One of my favorites! For dessert – there was cake!

There seemed to be many stipulations on my birthday gifts this year. This being one of them.

This beautiful picture frame  and birthday cake candle came from my friend Terri (and her husband, but I’m pretty sure he knew nothing about it until I opened it). The stipulation was that the pictures I put in it had to be a picture that I had taken and edited. What do you think? Are my photo taking and editing skills up to par? Did I pass Terri? What’s that you say? It looks like Gary is choking John in that first picture? Good eye! He was. Movingrightalong.

This gorgeous Cross bag came from my mother-in-law.

My friend Lori has learned first had the price of fabric. After she purchased all the fabric that was needed for her center pieces, she gave them to me to make those center pieces. This gift card will be gone very, very soon. Even James thanked her for it, but added – “you know your gift is going to cost me $50.” He’s probably right!

I got my ticket!! I am ‘officially’ going to Bloggy Boot Camp on May 1st! I’m so excited!

I just love how ‘Freddy’ was an afterthought though. Freddy is my Step Father-in-law and well, um… nevermind. I’m just thankful for and super excited about this gift!
And when a girl goes to Bloggy Boot Camp, there’s sure to be other expenses involved. Thanks to my FIL, he’s got that covered for me too!
I’ve never been to a spa before, but I’ve had friends who’ve gone. I’ll admit, I was jealous I didn’t get to go with them. So imagine my surprise when I opened this gift!
A 1 hour message, a 30 minute pedicure and… um… something else that I won’t admit to again to save myself from more embarrasment.

My little Mr. Gary spent about an hour in his playroom constructing this for me. It’s mostly made out of his marbles, but he ran out at the end and had to improvise!

Most of the time I’m pretty good at predicting what my gifts are. As predictable as I am, my husband is more so. This one, however, has to be the very best gift I’ve received. I was so surprised and delighted when I opened this up!
That is an actual license plate. My sweet, crazy little boys got me one for the back and one for the front. James said he was just glad I didn’t get pulled over the last couple of days because I was driving illegally with my old plates.
This got me thinking – I should have my own domain. What do you think of boytrapped (dot) net?



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